Název novinky: eXodus :: NOT ACCEPTED- Kittypus ferhul druid

Přidal Tyw dne 07-09-2019 23:12

 Hi Katte,
I know you as a player and I also know you as a person.. as I was playing and calling with you almost every day in past. You teached me many things about this game including PvP,PvE so it would not be fair at all If I said PROTI, because I think, not only you and me knows that you are a way better player than I was,am, and ever will be. I believe you would be really useful for this guild.. not only as a feral druid. You do not have any problem with communication on raids, you do not fail at all if I remember well. The only thing I would recommend you is to describe your theorycraft in more details, because the rules are the same for everybody. Also you can add your alts (class,spec,ilvl).

Although my decision means nothing... I say definitely PRO

Upravil/a Tyw dne 07-09-2019 23:21