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 Nick: Kattepus
Class and Spec: Druid Feral
Item level in PVE: 405
Link to Armory (need to log off in PvE gear): http://armory.twinstar.cz/character-sheet.xml?r=Apollo&cn=Kattepus
Link to Bosskills main characters: https://cata-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?character=Kattepus&realm=Apollo

Spell rotation / priority + CD usage: I don't have a set rotation, it's always situational, I prioritize Bleeds and Ferocious Bite over Savage Roar IF I can use Rip/Bite with Tiger's Fury up (By saying that I still won't allow more than 3 seconds of down time on Savage Roar) which I will apply depending on how much up time I will have before I have to run off a boss (dead time) if my energy allows it, and I can get 2x crits in a row to get 4 Combo Points, I will never try to build an additional point to get 5 before Savage Roar. - However, when it comes to Execute Face at 60% I try to time Kiril, Synapse, TF and Pot for the biggest possible Rip as soon as possible into the Execute face. Other then that run out of the fight to feral charge off CD for free Ravage (if the situation allows it) - Again, Feral rotation is very situational

Theorycraft: So when it comes to this bit my Main stats are Agility > Haste > Mastery > Crit, due to being an Off tank and DS gear in general lacks abit of Mastery gear for Ferals/Rogues I decided to use Haste as a main stat for Cat Form, allows more Clearcasting Procs, white hits and energy regen more shreds, and since most bosses in DS allows you to have a good up time on the bosses, whilst keeping the Mastery relatively high too for Savage Defense shield amount whenever I have to off tank, I feel like with the amount of crit you have in end game, and especially with Pulverize, you got enough crit as a Tank to have a sufficent amount of uptime on Savage Defense. If I were to be a a Maintank I would swap that out for Agility > Mastery > Crit > Haste - If I were to be fulltime Cat form that'd be Agility > Haste > Cit > Mastery
When it comes to Expertise and Hit cap as a Cat, I ignore both the caps completely. Especially since missed attacks (miss/dodge) refunds 80% of the energy, and we're not a global dependent spec to keep our rotation up.
As a tank I keep them at Cap (Gear swapping between Cat and Tank)

Name your experience with special tasks in the raid - eg stomp / shard selection, Zon ozz between phases, Hagara lightning phase, Hour of Twilight selection, Warmastro area selection .....: Soaked stomps, connected conductors, solo tank'd/ soaked as DPS on ult, kiting bloods on spine

How are you doing with the general overview in the raid (independent and quick response to unexpected raid situations, etc.): very good

Screen UI in raid (at least from BH, we are interested in UI in combat, dps can be found on bosskills):https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/564568249312739334/619975766989471770/unknown.png or https://www.twitch.tv/tupacx/clip/AmusedTentativeNoodleAliens?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time

FPS and Internet Speed: 150-200 fps / 70/25

Wednesday - Sunday suited (14:00 - 22:00) All good my dude

Have you read and acknowledged THIS? (this is a link, not a Raid Time!): Yes, sir

Previous Guild and reason for leaving: Tree of Life, went inactive.

How long have you been playing WoW and your class, what is your experience in PvE / Raiding: Played since TBC retail, played Feral since TBC retail. Raided most tiers from TBC and up till WoD on Retail.

What do you expect from us: Raids.

What you can offer us: A nerd.

Who recommended Exodus: None, thought off it all by myself

A little about you (age, school / work, interests, etc.): 27, educated carpenter, to play wow, and ofc - Coochie.

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