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NOT ACCEPTED- Noobisop, savior of azeroth
#1 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 01-01-2020 15:52

Main char:

Příspěvek: 2
Založený: 01.01.20

 Nick: noobisop
Class and Spec: prot/ret/holy
Item level in PVE: 360 (at the moment)
armory: armory.twinstar.cz/character-sheet.xm...n=noobisop

my alt logs':

these are the most geared ones on the alliance race, noobisop is my new char on horde and im looking for another enviroment of raiding experience.

for paladin(retri spec) rotation:
stack holy power on compagnion(spring rabbit) and use potions before pull.
crusader strike + judgement + crusader strike + burst/potions macro(/cast Zealotry/cast Avenging Wrath/cast Inquisition/cast Guardian of Ancient Kings) + crusader strike + templar's verdict.
1st crusader strike 2nd judgement on cooldown templar's verdict casted whenever possible to re-fill Holy power stacks and inquisition on cooldown aswell,
for paladin(holy spec)/(prot spec):there is alot to talk about i'm just here to talk about dpsing experience and tactical gameplay in general.

Theorycraft (do not blow):
Strength> Melee Hit Cap (8%)> Expertise Cap (26)> Mastery> Crit> Haste.
with more expertise profit from [Glyph of Seal of Truth].

List your experience with special tasks in raid:
Morchok: soaking stomp with managing my Divine Protection(unglyphed) cooldown with disco priest shields as back up i usualy stay at boss to not lose dps profit.
Zon'ozz: burst at start so i can have it on last phase(save guardian on last phase), for debuffs i can remove them with bubble otherwise i can just stay boss and overhealed for zero dps loss, for black phase i clear melee sides(flail,eye).
Yor'sahj:Stay in boss because my spec has 0 mobility for adds activate seal of righteous and divine storm+templar's verdict, kill mana void whenever healer ineed of mana.
Hagara:at start if she is on frost mode i usualy burst at start to have my cooldowns reset after long way clearing each crystal and burst on the end of every phase because of the dmg taken increased, for frost phase hand of freedom/bubble on debuffs, for light phase i stand on the closest spot to conductor so i can switch transition as soon as possible with Divine Protection glyphed, for tank soaking i use sacrafice whenever it comes off cooldowns on assult.
ultraxion: soaking with divine protection+disc shield or bubble.
warmaster:burst adds at start kill drake as a priority for less fire on the ship soaking solo with divine protection.
spine:at start(falling) activate vp trinket (so i have it on tendon) clear corruptions as soon as possible to stack faster for less debuffs on the group, amalg shouldn't be killed unless there is 9 bloods on ground so what i suggest is to delay the grip, for the tendon i use guardian on 1st 3rd tendon.
madness:burst corruptions, switch to parasite, aoe regenative bloods with 2nd parasite, last plateform push the 1st bloods clear fragements and push again to clear 1st bloods with terrors, push again to clear 2nd bloods and push again clear frags and aoe bloods with terrors with dream activated.

How are you with a general overview of the raid:
i'm usualy calm during raids i do my job and i expect everyone does the same and if there is something wrong i throw some advices to help the raid going forward.

FPS and internet speed:
my internet is 80ms FPS 120+

screen for my UI:

Previous Guild and the reason for leaving:
obsolete - raidleader stopped playing.

How long do you play WoW and your class, what you experience in PvE / raiding:
i've been playing cataclysm for 5years so i have the knowledge required to play any class/spec and cleared every heroic boss fight.

What you expect from us:
active raiding schedule.

What you can offer us:
i offer u my present, time and skills.

Who recommended you Exodus:
im joining here after seeing the logs from a guild which known of being rank1 on the server.

A little about you:
My name is oussama, i'm 21yo i study informatique at the time and i do raids on evenings.
Upravil/a Soft dne 12-01-2020 23:50
#2 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 01-01-2020 17:32
Avatar člena


Main char: Tyw

Příspěvek: 32
Založený: 03.03.19

UI screen in Raid (atleast from BH, it should be UI in combat):
links are not working


Edit: If you wanna play only with 350 prot paladin -> PROTI
Upravil/a Tyw dne 01-01-2020 20:23
#3 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 01:01

Main char:

Příspěvek: 26
Založený: 22.08.19

If you transfer most of your character's to horde, I will be for test raid
But it's not possible to go test raid,8HC, with 350 pally
#4 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 08:57
Avatar člena


Main char: Kimcong

Příspěvek: 90
Založený: 25.11.18


I'd be willing to give you a test raid if you were to transfer your alts to horde.
We're not a parking garage for low alts and with 350 paladin i wouldn't invite you to Firelands even.

Also I don't like that you're missing like half of keybinds on your paladin (Lay on Hands, Word of Glory, Hand of Protection, Divine Shield, both taunts, Hand of Freedom..).

Logs on your geared paladin seem fine and even if I wanted to bitch about it I wouldn't be able to since my retri dps is garbage.
#5 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 10:43

Main char: Lyska

Příspěvek: 33
Založený: 03.09.18

You want only gearing low alt.
If you had a real interest, you didnt make apply with this character. If you change character in your apply i stay on Proti, beacuse you had chance make apply with normal character once.
Upravil/a archevil dne 02-01-2020 10:55
#6 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 11:32

Main char:

Příspěvek: 41
Založený: 17.08.18

 Proti jen v RHC ziskas lepsi gear jak 350 ilvl, to je videt jak to tady kleslo jestli , pak se bude soft zase rozcilovat
#7 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 12:19
Avatar člena


Main char: Treckis

Příspěvek: 49
Založený: 30.06.18

 Proti shit char, alts are ok but the dps as them isn't stunning. UI screen is useless since your combat UI isn't visible. Binds are lazy as well.
#8 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 16:13
Avatar člena


Main char: Rajki

Příspěvek: 15
Založený: 12.09.19

#9 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-01-2020 16:38
Avatar člena


Main char: Pete

Příspěvek: 43
Založený: 04.06.17


Application for this character?
Upravil/a Pete dne 02-01-2020 16:42
"Never stay on the warlock portal."
#10 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 03-01-2020 21:12

Main char:

Příspěvek: 2
Založený: 01.01.20

 at this point i want to mention that this is new alt which means it's on gearing process one more thing is that i have everything keybinded also i'm not playing protection spec in the future, thank you for the advices and for attention. :)
Upravil/a noobisop dne 03-01-2020 21:13
#11 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 04-01-2020 02:20

Main char: Convix

Příspěvek: 143
Založený: 09.03.14

 Well, we are not guild for your alts. So i will say NO. If u want to join transfer your main character. If we will give u a chance after that u will have to transfer all other characters aswell.
"I will show you the justice of the grave..."
#12 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 12-01-2020 23:50
Avatar člena

Hlavní Administrátor

Main char: Soft

Příspěvek: 336
Založený: 21.05.17


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