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NOT ACCEPTED- Application - Furyisopx
#1 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-11-2019 14:35

Main char:

Příspěvek: 1
Založený: 02.11.19

 Class & Spec: Arms/Prot warrior
Ilvl in PVE: 404 Arms - 397 Prot
Link in Armory: http://armory.twinstar.cz/character-s...=Furyisopx
Link for Bosskills: https://cata-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?ch...alm=Apollo

Rotation + CDs: Most basic rotation is Charge > Rend > Colossus > Mortal(+Juggernaut=Crit) > Slam > OP > HS at +60 rage. Mortal strike always on CD, colossus always if not applied on boss. CDs vary per boss, fights like morchok/ultraxion/Yor(dummie bosses) I start with prepot, recklessness & Engineer buff, afterwards deadly calm. Inner rage I use it only with berserker rage on stuff like Green + Red ooze, black phase on zon'ozz, ultraxion, etc.. Whenever I don't have berserker rage up I use a cancelaura macro to reduce rage cost of Heroic strike aswell. after first DC I prefer to use it whenever Creche procs,(approx 1min 50sec per proc) Recklessness I use it whenever it's needed or even usable after the first one(henceforth 5 min cooldown & not all bosses are 5min fights), Engi buff I use on CD aswell

Theorycraft: So my stat priority is Hit cap 8 > EXP cap 26 > Str > crit > mastery > rest is pretty much useless as dps. Mainly getting alot of crit is the best thing as arms war, I reforge every item that doesn't have crit into crit, mastery it gives extra swings so it's good as a side bonus but not above crit because mastery doesn't proc as much as the big RNG swings crit gives. Haste is basicly useless so not gona talk about that. Ofcourse Str > Everything else, because basic increase of damage = biggest DPS factor.

Name your special tasks:
Morchok: I soak stomps(quick defensive stance switch on cast), if needed I can run to crystal aswell(did it before)
Zon'ozz: sometimes I stay on boss, cleaving claw + boss, otherwise I kill the Flail/Eyes left from the boss & behind the claw.
Hagara: On lightning I usually go to assigned place(I usually do cross tactic with my raid)
Ultrax: For hots, my raid usually has a rog soaking twice with tanks, as warrior I can stay on 2 hots if it's needed with shield wall and rallying cry + Sac/PS in defensive stance
Warmaster: On warmaster the main thing I do is on first adds cleave them + drake - sometimes I use nitro + shield wall & solo soak a small pool if needed, 2nd drakes I tend to burst them because ranges don't have time to DPS them up the boat(like on start) along with cleaving adds, I have a charge macro for sappers wich I use whenever I see that it's needed. Basicly on warmaster you have to use your brain or you die ^^

How are you with the general overview of the raid: I can react quick and adapt myself to different situations.

Screenshot of UI in raid:
- First of this is a screenshot of my Addons that I use, https://imgur.com/a/71srStX It's missing spellflash cause I don't have it downloaded yet on my GF's laptop x)
- This is a screen of my UI https://imgur.com/a/9a2ub1C It's not in raid but I will give you one later(I don't have any screens on this laptop currently.
Just to note I don't use a million screenshots that messes up your UI in raids, I like to keep things simple, ofc DBM CDcount, spellflash and GTFO are things that I always use because it actually helps.

FPS/Internet: 60 FPS stable with graphics completely maxed, even in Stormwind at peak hour. MS: always between 5-15.

Raid time wednesday-Sunday: During the week I always work untill 17:00 after that I'm always available. On sunday I can only raid after 17:30

Have you read and acknowledge the rules? Yes I have

Previous Guilds:
- Elysium(A) - I left this because I was basicly running the GM's guild, he used the GB as personal bank, he didn't make his own raids, he didn't make sure there was progress, I was a raid leader there and I got him all the old tier HC guild achievs from sinestra to rag,.. They had inactive players and the genuine community in that guild was bad.
- Obsolete(A): I'm currently in this guild but I wish to join exodus, and faction change if I'd get accepted or not. The main reason is that because this guild is doing raids at 4PM, wich is not a good time for me to raid, I am a raid leader in this guild aswell but we struggle and are stuck on 6/8HC. We have issues and replacing people with a low english community is hard.

How long have you been playing your class?
I've been playing the same class for 14 years, ever since vanilla in retail(hence the name Furyisop, cuz it WAS op :p) after Cata I've stopped playing retail and have been playing cata pservers ever since, I've been playing on Atlantiss before apollo where my raid had realm first madness & realm 3rd Ragnaros there. Cleared every content in cataclysm from T11, T12, T13

What do you expect from us? Well organised raids and a friendly community, people who you can have a good time with.

What can you offer us? I can offer you a fully motivated raider. I often aim to have fun outside raids aswell, I sometimes make old tier glory runs etc and often help people when they struggle with anything.
Who recommended us: Dejd told me a little about your guild and Erziic in Grand Alliance, I saw the announcement from Bayes on the Apollo discord aswell.

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Harm, I'm 26 years old and my occupation is a painter/decorator. Besides working and gaming I go to the gym 5 times a week and in the weekends I often chill with my girlfriend, though she works also in the weekends that's why I'm always available(after 5:30/6PMish). I watch tons of Anime and comedy series on Netflix whenever I'm bored and sometimes I go out to a party or to a shisha lounge, people often think I'm generally a fun person.
Upravil/a Soft dne 12-01-2020 23:52
#2 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-11-2019 23:01

Main char: Bayes

Příspěvek: 114
Založený: 27.08.17

 Can´t comment on theorycraft, dps is fine and we could use some other raid leaders as me and Soft are butthurt hitler incarnates

#3 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 04-11-2019 08:26
Avatar člena


Main char: Kimcong

Příspěvek: 90
Založený: 25.11.18

 Hey, i cant comment on theorycraft either as i've never played warrior, but I like your application.

Your DPS is good aswell and will get even better once you dont have to switch to defensive stance for shield wall etc.

Once it's possible, provide us with your UI screen in combat please, im certain that warrior players would like to see how youre tracking procs and CDs etc.

Also being a weeb is a plus for me no matter how good/bad you are hehe.

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Přidané 04-11-2019 18:35
Avatar člena


Main char: Rajki

Příspěvek: 15
Založený: 12.09.19

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Přidané 05-11-2019 08:01
Avatar člena


Main char: Pete

Příspěvek: 43
Založený: 04.06.17

 Your application looks good, but I dont know, Warrior is closed.

"Never stay on the warlock portal."
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Přidané 05-11-2019 10:34
Avatar člena


Main char: Hubyn

Příspěvek: 128
Založený: 09.06.18

 Seems good, have you got any usable alts?
#7 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 12-01-2020 23:52
Avatar člena

Hlavní Administrátor

Main char: Soft

Příspěvek: 336
Založený: 21.05.17


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