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TRIAL- Redeyes - Warlock
#1 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 18-08-2019 22:44

Main char:

Příspěvek: 2
Založený: 15.08.19



Class and Spec:

Warlock, Demonology

Item level in PVE:

408(with bis prepot gear)

Link to Armory (need to log off in PvE gear):


Link on Bosskills main characters:


Spell rotation / priority + CD usage:

Curse of Elements, Immolate, Corruption, Bane of Doom, Shadowflame, Hand of Gul'dan, Incinerate proc, Shadowbolt/Soul fire.
Meta on prepot gear, Felstorm, Demon Soul, Soulburn switch, Dots.

Theorycraft (don't blow away):

17% Hit, ~2000 Haste cap, Mastery.

Name your experience with special tasks in raid - eg stomp / shard selection, Zon ozz between phases, Hagara lightning phase, Hour of Twilight selection, faces selection u Warmastra .....:

As a lock, Morchok: Stomp only for emergency with Metamorphosis, soak every other shard
Zon'ozz: Tp at the stacking point for the black phase(if there is one), apply Immolate/Corruption on all adds and single target the highest one.
Hagara: Control pet to prevent raid damage and take advantage of the teleport to finish the phase faster.
Ultraxion: Always enter HoT, spam button at 0.1 sec.
Warmaster: Help with the barrage soaking, stack on all onlaughts, spread when goriona lands.

How are you doing with the general overview in the raid (independent and quick response to unexpected raid situations, etc.):

Very flexible, can act on pretty much anything that occurs during an encounter.

Screen UI in raid (at least from BH, we are interested in UI in combat, dps can be found on bosskills):


FPS and internet speed:

Always raiding from Internet Cafe because my pc is not very reliable. I don't quite remember the fps and the internet speed but I'm not sure it can get much better than that.

Do you like Raid Time Wednesday - Sunday (14:00 - 22:00)

I'm available any of those days and times.

You read and acknowledge THIS? (this is a link, not a Raid Time!):

Yes, read it and understood.

Previous Guild and Reason to Leave:

Unlimited Salt Works(A), the guild disbanded after 2.5 years.

How long have you been playing WoW and your class, what you have experience in PvE / Raiding:

I'm playing WoW since 2009 and I've been playing Cataclysm for more than 5 years. My experience in t13 especially is pretty good, I had 10 near-bis classes in previous private servers and I know how to play all the specs in the game as for PvE. Warlock is just like every other class, 5+ years of Cata only experience.

What do you expect from us:

Top quality raids(fast, easy, fun).

What can you offer us:

Top quality performance.

Who recommended Exodus:


A little about you (age, school / work, interests, etc.):

24, Greek, studying Physics, ambitious and perfectionist.

On a side note:

I have a 408 resto shaman on Alliance side(8/8 hc aswell) which I am willing to transfer in the near future. http://armory.twinstar.cz/character-sheet.xml?r=Apollo&cn=Skrrt

~Thank you for your time.
Upravil/a Soft dne 02-09-2019 15:26
#2 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 18-08-2019 23:52

Main char: Bayes

Příspěvek: 84
Založený: 27.08.17

just wanted to comment on the internet cafe, we don´t usually announce raids in advance that much and if we do, we do it in facebook group chat which is seriously full of autism (in czech) most of the time and it´s impossible to keep up with it and check every message if someone announced raid so you would have to sometimes afk in og and hope for raids - if you were used to having precise raid time and go to the cafe just for that it could be a problem to catch a raid (wednesdays/thursdays shouldnt be a problem).
Anyway, definitely PRO.
Upravil/a Bayes dne 19-08-2019 00:04
#3 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 19-08-2019 00:48
Avatar člena


Main char:

Příspěvek: 12
Založený: 15.02.19

 Played in several raids with him, both in Final Exit and occasionally with USW as a pug. Vouching for his abilities, good player with loads of experience and a good attitude.

He's a Greek though, so I must partially despise him out of principle for Euro 2004. I'll say FOR, but with the condition of being mailed some moussaka in the future. See it as reparations rather than an outright bribe.
Upravil/a nanashi dne 19-08-2019 00:52
#4 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 19-08-2019 01:05

Main char:

Příspěvek: 2
Založený: 15.08.19

 Hey. I don't have a problem with the uncertain raid times, the Internet Cafe that im going to, is 5 minutes from my home and i dont mind being afk for a while. Ty for the comment and also nanashi i'll send you as much mousaka as you want to relieve the pain ;)
#5 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 19-08-2019 08:26
Avatar člena


Main char:

Příspěvek: 71
Založený: 25.11.18

 Great dps, playing in USW, nanashi vouching for you - really no way i could say anything else than PRO.

You'll have to deal with czech and slovak gibberish most of the time though (major callouts are in english if there's a non CZ/SK person).
Upravil/a Kimcong dne 19-08-2019 08:27
#6 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 19-08-2019 09:57
Avatar člena


Main char: Treckis

Příspěvek: 32
Založený: 30.06.18

 You actually have stand up and walk somewhere when you want to raid? :D
PRO for sure. Prepare to be bullied for being Greek and get ready to learn Czech :troll:
#7 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 19-08-2019 10:14
Avatar člena


Main char:

Příspěvek: 128
Založený: 03.06.17

 Finally new Demo.
I would love a more descriptive rotation (especially pull and dot clipping) but you do have good dps, so I guess those numbers say more than written words, so fuck it.

The internet cafe - you can just log in from home and ask whens the next raid. Usually it starts at 14:30 (Wed - Sunday) and then just spam till we are tired.
#8 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 29-08-2019 01:51
Avatar člena


Main char: nevim bracho

Příspěvek: 55
Založený: 13.02.19

 PRO if you're godx like nanashi we definetly need you!
#9 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 30-08-2019 18:31
Avatar člena


Main char:

Příspěvek: 71
Založený: 25.11.18

 After test raid PRO. Dps was good and once we told you our tactics (no multidot etc) there were no problems.
Upravil/a Kimcong dne 31-08-2019 22:32
#10 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 30-08-2019 18:33

Main char:

Příspěvek: 30
Založený: 17.08.18

#11 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 31-08-2019 09:42
Avatar člena


Main char: Druvalen

Příspěvek: 37
Založený: 25.11.18

#12 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 31-08-2019 20:04

Main char:

Příspěvek: 32
Založený: 19.01.19

#13 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 01-09-2019 11:07

Main char: Bayes

Příspěvek: 84
Založený: 27.08.17

#14 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-09-2019 12:39
Avatar člena


Main char: Mordoom

Příspěvek: 267
Založený: 02.01.17

 another rare demonology fellow :) welcome
how much mastery do you have on your special set of equipment?
#15 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 02-09-2019 15:26
Avatar člena

Hlavní Administrátor

Main char: Croftak

Příspěvek: 287
Založený: 21.05.17


Applicacion closed with the result: Trial

Feel free to contact me or another officer in game for the invitation to the guild or find me on Teamspeak (nisiar.catt0.de).

General information: in case of false information written in aplication, not proving necessary skills (low dps, too many fails, lack of encounter knowledge), being inactive, not representing guild in proper way, being toxic, prioritizing PvP over guild raids, will result in demote/kick.
Upravil/a Morvuud dne 02-09-2019 16:11
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