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NOT ACCEPTED - Fromdabush - Rogue
#1 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 15-07-2019 13:49

Main char:

Příspěvek: 1
Založený: 10.07.19

 Nick: Fromdabush
Class and Spec: Rogue/whatever is needed for the certain fight
Item level in PVE: 407 Equipped
Armory Link (you need to log-out in pve gear): http://armory.twinstar.cz/character-s...Fromdabush
Bosskills link (main character): https://cata-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?ch...Apollo#0-8
On which alt/alts do you play (if there are any): Twinturbo,Lethalarms,Yambginihigh, this are ready for DS hc but have some more lower ilvl (Nosboost,Dropsome)

Rotation/spell priority (healer spell priority too) + cooldown usage:

-Well going to start with the most popular spec, combat.
So far I`m doing this opener on pretty much every boss.
Pot + Trix prepull on 1 >Sinister strike > Slice and Dice( if I didn't stored combo points from the previous trash fight,otherwise going to pop S&D prepull with pot and trix
and go straight for ss spam to 4>rs>ks+ad>evis)> SS again till 4 combos than RS(Revealing Strike)>
than poping the CDS KS(Killing Spree) and after that AD(Adrenaline Rush) > than hitting the Eviscerate so I drop the 10 sec cd on the CDS builded from the opener
and from there just rotate ss>rs>evis and refreshing s&d on 1 combo always and praing for stacks to build up faster :D .
I`m not using rupture cuz I read on a few guides that its a dps loss, vanish is meh for combat I think, nothing is gained from stealth anyway. Trixing thee best dps
on CD (tank is getting trix always on prepull)

-For assassination the bleeds are crusial and most important. Garrote opener always (if u can't garrot go muti > Ultrax) and from there I like to try a bit risky :D > going rupture and praying
for Ruthleessness to proc 1 combo > than pop S&D(with proced ruthles) and if another combo procs going for 1 combo Envenom so that I refresh the S&D to full duration>
( Doing all this if u don't have stored combo points for S&D on prepull with pot and trix) > than vendetta > and here comes the rng again,
if u Mutilate>Mutilate but non of them crit ur at 4 combo points so u need to use Envenom(gonna save cold blood for 5 combos) anyway to keep the NRG recovering.
And for the wrest of the fight I`m trying to keep up rupture 100%(most of the time trying to refresh rupture on 1 combo after envenom with ruthless proc
uptime for the venomous wounds to proc. For the vanish I`m saving it for the next Vendetta
so it can aline with overkill and secound pot. trixing on CD the best dps (trixing the tank always on pull) I think thats it.

-Sub is my favourite of all :D. The worst aoe spec in the game, but love the whole ST rotation.I`m playing it only on morch, yor,hagara,warlord and trying to master it on spine tendons.
So pretty much u wanna keep up Find Weakness as long as u possible can.
Keeping up your buffs S&D and recup (on 5 combos refreshing always) and debuffs hemo,rupture
(for rupture on sub spec when u hit 5 combo evis u refresh the duration of rupture, and that beeing said Master of Subtlety gives u 10% inc dmg after
breaking out of stealth for 6 sec. So u want to keep rupture 100% uptime after u made ur opener so that the rupture benefit this 10% inc dmg! If u drop it in mid fight
u can always redo it when u vanish.) And my opener goes
( u`ll probably have 5 combo points prepull becouse of the talant Honor Among Thieves always if ur healers like to spam pointlessly spells on the raiders :D )
prepot>Stealth> S&D > preme > SS > ambush > rup > hemo > BS( backstab ) > recup > than u go Shadowdance with trix( u can pull 1 extra ambush with trix in dance)
and from there its getting slow phased> I`m pooling nrg between backstabs to w8 for the Honor Among Thieves to proc the 5th combo and than refresh the actual debuff or buff that Is falling off.
Vanish is situational for hagara and warlord but other than that I just use it after find weakness fall of from dance and than preparation for 10 sec more of find weakness.
Briefly explained thats it :D.

Theorycraft/Stat priority:
Agility is main stats > than going hit 8% for sub (for combat and muti 17% spell hit) > 26 expertise > haste > mastery( for muti mastery>haste;haste>crit for sub )

Tell us about your experience with special roles in raid - for example: stomp/shard soaking (morchok)
, Zon ozz transition phase, Hagara lightning phase, Hour of twilight soaking, Twilight barrage soaking and so on .....:

-For morchok I`m always secound target on my side closer to the boss after the tank and I`m useing faint befour the stomp,
was soaking some crystals after the stomps befour when we started heroic but not anymore.
-On Zon I`m pretty much tunneling the boss :D, just in black phase I`m using cloak of shadows, fainting on 7 8 stacks of the ball.
-For hagara, me and the tank are activating the first 3 conductors closer to the portal if u watch it from the map point of view:
its the inner and outer west and outer south. I`m running with sprint after the add dies and than poping nitro boots to go on the boss( if I`m combat).
-On ultrax mostly I`m on the secound and forth hour of twlight with the tank(blood dk), but the last 2 IDs I was soaking the 5th as well with recup and feint + dp shield
cuz the roaster got rip :D.

-For warmaster, the whole raid is always trying to stack. I`ve asked the lead a few times if I can soak it with cloak but we never tried it,
altho I tried to soak a single small barrage from the drakes with cloak but end up dieing.
Do you have good raid awearness? (Fast reaction in unexpected situations in raid, etc.):
Yeah I can say that I have, I love pvp as well and from there I build up a bit of quick reactions :D.

UI screen in Raid (atleast from BH, it should be UI in combat): https://imgur.com/nvDttwH
FPS and stable internet connection: over 100 fps in 10m fights, probably the same in 25m fight my rig is strong for DS :D got 60ms at home in game
Are you ok with our raid time?, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 17:30 - 21:30 (Central European Time (CET):
I`m raiding at the same days and the raid time is perfect for me .

Previous guild and reason why you left:
-Beyond Reckoning is the guild that I`m in right now. So far we were doing ok till 6/8 HC and now we are close to 2 months progress on spine.
Overall the people are geared up most of us have 400+ but me personally I don't feel this progress on the meters that I want to see :D, or changing any tactics
to the end lvl like stacking morchok, hagara kill in 1 phase(solo healing), ultrax solo healing, I think the group( or leader) don't want to pull this end game tryhard :D.
I`m looking from my point of view, focusing hard on dps and pulling the biggest number as I possibly can(sounds a bit selfish but still doing everything possible to stay alive
and avoid or mitigate any damage taken :D), but when u need to do some extra mechanic
for something that other raider can do it himself its a bit meh.

How long do you play wow and your class? Tell:
-I started wow when I was 16, now I`m 24. Played in few private servers, TBC,wotlk, than moved in blizzard from end of Draenor > Legion till Tomb of Sargeras
( https:// some footage :D ) than took a break for a few months and than started cata in the worst server called Monster(played rogue).
From there I moved here in Apollo (Hades). I started at mid - end firelands on Hades and since than everything I know about the expansion is from this server.
Upravil/a Convix dne 27-07-2019 11:33
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Přidané 17-07-2019 09:48
Avatar člena


Main char: Rommik

Příspěvek: 33
Založený: 16.10.16

 Hi, dps, theorycraf and gear, everything's fine, but rogue class is currently closed. Neutral
#3 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 19-07-2019 10:53
Avatar člena


Main char: Pete

Příspěvek: 30
Založený: 04.06.17

 Outside the links, nice application, but rogue closed :o
"Never stay on the warlock portal."
#4 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 22-07-2019 16:17

Main char: Ghostsniper

Příspěvek: 25
Založený: 31.01.19

 Neutral Rogue is cloced
Upravil/a Ghostsniper dne 22-07-2019 16:30
#5 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 22-07-2019 18:13

Main char:

Příspěvek: 57
Založený: 25.11.18

 Rogue closed -> proti - unless rogue players decide otherwise
#6 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 22-07-2019 18:43
Avatar člena


Main char: Treckis

Příspěvek: 22
Založený: 30.06.18

 Rogue isn't really something what we are looking for atm. You would have to make an impression that you are one of the best. So far you didn't. My decision for now is Proti (could be changed).
#7 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 22-07-2019 20:32
Avatar člena


Main char: nevim bracho

Příspěvek: 35
Založený: 13.02.19

 PROTI = rogue is CLOSED
#8 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 23-07-2019 07:53
Avatar člena


Main char:

Příspěvek: 26
Založený: 19.01.19

 Capable sub could be a breathe of fresh air, but still too many rogues in here- due to numbers and capacity PROTI
#9 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 26-07-2019 04:00
Avatar člena


Main char: Drol

Příspěvek: 127
Založený: 26.05.17

 Yeah sorry bro we have curently 999 character in the guild and like 300 are rogues. Since when we dont give a chance to above average players to prove their skill on test raid ? I'm for test raid, since you don't look like a complete moron, you should get a chance. Don' miss it (if they ever give it to you)
Reinkarnačku a hymnu na CD
#10 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 26-07-2019 13:19

Main char: Bayes

Příspěvek: 68
Založený: 27.08.17

 Test raid

yeah there is shitload of rogues in the guild but I would still give you a chance for test raid, also you have alts so thats also nice
#11 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 26-07-2019 21:32

Main char: Lyska

Příspěvek: 14
Založený: 03.09.18


Rogue is closed
#12 Vytisknout diskuzi
Přidané 27-07-2019 01:14
Avatar člena

Hlavní Administrátor

Main char: Croftak

Příspěvek: 273
Založený: 21.05.17

 I close the application with the result:


Thank you for submitting your application, but we're sorry.
Try luck in another guild or later with better results.
Upravil/a Convix dne 27-07-2019 11:33
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